Saturday, April 4, 2009


Before I go on, this might be the last list a do for an extended period as I'm now 'employed' as a compensated contributor at GUNAXIN and will be doing most of my writing over there now. So please feel free to stop by there and see how I look in newer, shinier clothes, as it were. I'll keep you updated here as things continue to progress. Until then, enjoy some adorable children from the world of sit-coms.

10)  ALF (Benji Gregory)

9) Mr. Belvedere (Brice Beckham)

8) Good Times (Janet Jackson)

7) Small Wonder (Vicki)

6) Full House (Michelle Tanner)

5) The Simpsons (Maggie Simpson)

4) The Cosby Show (Rudy Huxtable)


3) Diff'rent Strokes (Gary Coleman)

2) The Jeff Foxworthy Show (Matt Foxworthy)

1) Webster (Emmanuel Lewis)