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Well, it's official, this marks the LAST of my Halloween-themed lists! *SOB* And I was having so much fun, too! Oh well, on to other things for November. Anyway, I have done a duo of lists featuring ghosts already: One with REAL ghost photos, and one about ghost MOVIES, so, to round out the Trilogy, this time I figured I do a ghost list based on the most famous fictional frighteners. This is an all-inclusive type deal covering cartoons, comics, and even classic literature. So sit back, in the dark, light a candle (be careful, fire is hot!) and enjoy this list about some phony ghosts!

<**< < >oo> >**> (:o} (Those'r ghosts, see? Whatever)


Yeah, I know I left him off the Ghost Movie list, and, well, I heard about it. So, I'm making amends here, reluctantly, by giving the Swayze his rightful dues. However, as a straight man who has no interest in watching Patrick the Spook get all clay-coated with his woman, I will freely admit that Demi Moore, as per the norm, was smoking hot and made men everywhere almost wish they were Swayze if not just for a moment. Other fine Swayze movies to get manly to: Roadhouse, Red Dawn, Next of Kin.


In the jungles of the fictional African country of Bangalla, there is a myth featuring "The Ghost Who Walks", a powerful and indestructible guardian of the innocent. Because he seems to have existed for generations, some believe him to be immortal. In reality, the Phantom is descended from 20 previous generations of crime-fighters who all adopt the same persona. When a new Phantom takes the task from his dying father, he swears the Oath of the Skull: "I swear to devote my life to the destruction of piracy, greed, cruelty, and injustice, in all their forms, and my sons and their sons shall follow me". Ok, so it's a bit of a stretch, but cut me some slack, at least I didn't mention that Billy Zane/Christy Swanson/Treat Williams piece of crap flick. How about half credit.


The Ghost Rider is a human who can transform into a being with a flaming skull and supernatural powers. The motorcycles he rides can travel faster than conventional motorcycles and can perform such seemingly impossible feats such as riding up a vertical surface, across the surface of water and leaping across great distances that normal motorcycles could not match. The Ghost Riders are notoriously hard to injure by any conventional means, as bullets and knives usually pass through them without causing pain. The Ghost Riders possess superhuman strength, enough to easily pick up a motorcycle and hurl it across a room. It has been stated that John Blaze as Ghost Rider can press around 5 tons. Ok, so it's a bit of a stretch, but cut me some slack, at least I didn't mention that Nick Cage/Sam Elliot/Peter Fonda piece of semi-crap flick. How about half credit. Wow, I just had the weirdest sense of deja vu...


Special, X 8, V1 #1-12: Elisa Cameron is dead. She has a sister, Margo, with whom she slowly reconciles and moves in with, as well as two recently sober parents, who are eventually murdered by a shadowy psionic that seems to know something about her past as a reporter, apparently slain over a story she was covering. Her natural weakness is jade, which keeps her from "ghosting" out and being able to pass through objects. She discovers she has the ability to "jump", but must cross a sort of "Hell" in order to do so. Elisa faces a series of psionics, led by Dr. October, a woman who wanted to eliminate Elisa for being beautiful even in death. Elisa also must deal with a demon, Cameron Nemo, which escapes from her "hell", causing much destruction, before the aid of King Tiger helps her defeat the demon. Elisa also learns that her jumps, her Hell, even Nemo, are all a construct of her own imagination. Also she's smokin' hot, which is pretty much standard for Dark Horse women.


The play opens on a cold night at Elsinore, the Danish royal castle. The sentinels try to persuade Hamlet's friend Horatio that they have seen King Hamlet's ghost, when it appears again. After hearing from Horatio of the Ghost's appearance, Hamlet resolves to see the Ghost himself. That night, the Ghost appears to Hamlet. He tells Hamlet that he is the spirit of his father, and discloses that Claudius murdered King Hamlet by pouring poison in his ears. The Ghost demands that Hamlet avenge him; Hamlet agrees and decides to fake madness to avert suspicion. He is, however, uncertain of the Ghost's reliability. SPOOKY!


**Not my video, just one I found on YouTube, but is is perfect!**

I remember the very first time I went to Disney World, I think I was like ten, and we decided to try out the classic Haunted Mansion ride. From the very first moment when crowd is given witness to the phantom hitch hikers, you just know you're in for a real treat. Once inside the car, you're taken through a 'spooky' house (Disney style, so not too awful bad) full of singing spirits featuring many classic Disney voice over artists (dig it here) and the amazing Tony the Tiger/Grinch Songster himself: Thurl Ravenscroft. Eventually you pass a mirror just before the end and, no matter who's sitting next to you (a living person, I mean) you'll automatically get a ghost rider and it is so very cool. No holograms in use here, as I later found out in a 1991 behind the scenes tour, but just a great usage of mirrors. Damn impressive.


This is easily one of my favorite books, regardless of its Holiday attachment. I remember back in junior high when I was first introduced to this Dickens classic and, despite the fact that we were supposed to read something like 10 pages a night or something, I devoured the entire thing in two nights. I was so intrigued by the spirits offering Scrooge, ultimately, a second chance at being less of a miser. Though most people remember the Big 3 ghosts, as it were, as The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, one must remember that Jacob Marley was the first a really the one that got to Scrooge first, as he was his old business partner. The two best versions of this story I have seen are the fantastic Disney animated featurette, and the movie Scrooge with Bill Murray. Seriously, I love that movie!


Similar to Hanna-Barbera's successful Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, The Funky Phantom featured three teenagers — Skip, April and Augie — and their dog Elmo. These four living beings solved spooky mysteries with the help of two ghostly companions, a Revolutionary War-era ghost named Jonathan Wellington "Mudsy" Muddlemore and his cat, Boo. Oh, and if you're wondering why Mudsy sounds so much like Snagglepuss, it's because it's the same voice; the wonderful and supremely talented Daws Butler, a HB staple.


No other enemies existed in the video game, Pac-Man, other than time and your own inability to move the joy stick fast enough. These four ghosts, apparently, each had their own individual attributes though, honestly, I just remember each adopting the skill of being completely fucking annoying. Their soul (get it?) purpose in existence was to get either in front of you or behind you and touch you thereby rending your chomping yellow mouth in twain. However, strategically placed in the corners of the mazes were your defense and offense against these irritating spooks: POWER PELLETS! Inhale one of these bad boys and you were sending a floating set of disembodied eyeballs back to ghost town. Aw classics...


The Michael Keaton-performed Tim Burton-classic Beetlejuice has become a Halloween staple, and for good reason! When Alec Baldwin and Gena Davis find themselves less than alive, they suddenly realize they might need help retaining their home from Jeffery Jones, Catherine O'Hara, and Wynona Ryder. Who are you going to inadvertantly get ahold of? Beetlejuice, that's who! Cue the MAYHEM!


The one and only delicious spook on this list, so he's certainly got that going for him, and indeed the most difficult to find save for the Halloween season. I have no Earthly idea why, he's just as tasty as his cereal brethren, Frankenberry and Count Chocula, but he's just not available on the off season! Here's funny, too: I don't generally like blueberries outside of breakfast foods, so, to that end, I love pancakes with them, and, consequently, this cereal! Ok, now I want some...


** Right about 4:53 is where the magic happens **

First seen during the investigation of the library in the original Ghostbusters, Slimer was an instant fan favorite and soon after went on to star in the Real Ghostbusters cartoon and appear in the sequel to the film. Basically, he's just a fat green wad of ectoplasm, but that's done nothing to take away from his fame.


There really shouldn't be any need to even describe who this is. So, I'll let the vignette speak for itself. HAVE A GREAT HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!

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